Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving
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:: Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving ::

  Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving is a Blessing at Fred Jordan Missions
Feeding the homeless for Thanksgiving has been one of the core ministries off Fred Jordan Missions since 1944. Fred Jordan Missions began serving the homeless, forgotten people of Skid Row and Los Angeles at the close of WWII. Each Thanksgiving, the mission provides a free meal to upwards of 2,000 men, women, and children. These meals are large, with 3,000 pounds of turkey, over 70 gallons of gravy, 20 gallons of fruit punch, 485 pounds of green beans, 600 pounds of candied yams, and 450 pounds of pumpkin pie.

Feeding the homeless for Thanksgiving is a blessing at Fred Jordan Missions. It is a large production, and we need donors and volunteers each year to make it all possible. Each person that enjoys a free Thanksgiving meal also leaves with a food bag. This event brings hope while providing a practical need, a hot, home-made meal.

Through these Thanksgiving day Banquets, Fred Jordan Missions is able to reach out to the homeless people of Skid Row and Los Angeles. Fred Jordan heard God's call and began his ministry of bringing love to the downtrodden. Fred Jordan Missions has many exciting and fulfilling projects throughout the entire year, many centered around various holidays. Throughout the years, Fred Jordan Missions has been able to build schools and hospitals, distribute food and clothing to people living on the street, create job training programs, providing after-school education for at-risk children, provide food and care for abused and destitute seniors, and bring holiday cheer to poor families.

Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving, Start at Fred Jordan Missions
Fred Jordan Missions is truly blessed by a compassionate staff that not only serves those who have been forgotten, but also seeks to be a caring touch, a listening ear, and a provider of love to those on the street. As long as there are men, women and children living on the street, victims of violence, substance abuse and despair, our work goes on.

Reach out and touch those who need you most this Thanksgiving. We thank you for considering Fred Jordan Missions for a Thanksgiving donation this year, providing a hot meal and hope through the kind staff serving those less fortunate. Thanks for touching a life.

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