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  Fulfilling Way to Provide Help for Needy Families
Fred Jordan Missions in Los Angeles California have been providing help for needy families since 1944. Fred Jordan heard God's call in the words of a friend languishing in prison and dedicated his ministry to bringing love to the downtrodden. Today, Fred Jordan Missions brings hope and help for needy families by the thousands in the form of food, clothing, and love.

With the assistance of donors and volunteers, Fred Jordan Missions builds schools and hospitals, distributes food, clothing, and caring help for needy families and individuals living on the streets. Fred Jordan Missions also provides job training programs and brings holiday cheer to thousands throughout the year at major holidays such as Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Help for Needy Families at Easter
Every year, Fred Jordan Missions provides an Easter celebration along with help for the needy families living in Skid Row and throughout Los Angeles. During Easter, the streets of Skid Row are transformed. Following a celebratory Easter service, Fred Jordan Missions throws a party for the entire family. The fun-filled day includes a hearty lunch, games where everyone wins prizes, jumpers, cotton candy and snow cones, and more. Easter Baskets filled with treats for the children are available to those in attendance.

Help for Needy Families on Mother's Day
Usually on the week before Mother's Day, Fred Jordan Missions hosts an extreme Mother's make-over event. During this event, hundreds of impoverished mothers who barely have enough to get by on a daily basis receive extreme make-overs which includes hair cutting and styling, manicures, makeup and massages. All mothers and children receive a nutritious and delicious lunch, cosmetics, clothing, a gift bag and a food box.

On Mother's Day, hundreds of impoverished mothers, women, men, and children enjoy a delicious sit-down Mother's Day Banquet on Skid Row served by caring volunteers. At the end of the meal, each mother receives a gift bag and a fresh flower. This appreciation of mothers allows them to feel special and honored.

Help for Needy Families with a Thanksgiving Day Banquet
Thanksgiving Day at the mission is one of the best days of the year. On average, there are over 2,000 impoverished men, women and children that are served a sit-down, homemade Thanksgiving turkey dinner by hundreds of caring volunteers including several celebrities. Volunteers prepare and serve 3,000 pounds of turkey, 70 gallons of gravy, 485 pounds of green beans, 600 pounds of candied yams, 450 pumpkin pies and 20 gallons of fruit punch.

After the meal, help for needy families comes in the form of new free blankets and free food bags stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, beans, and roast beef thanks to donations from supporters.

Help for Needy Families with a Christmas Celebration
Christmas is a special time at Fred Jordan Missions. Thanks to toy drives like the Harley Davidson Toy Run and other donations, it is not uncommon to see up to 12,000 underprivileged children receiving free brand new toys for Christmas from the mission. During a special event, Santa Claus and hundreds of volunteer elves and celebrities visit with the children and distribute gifts and toys to them. There is also a variety of Christmas entertainment that the entire family enjoys. This event is filled with joy and brings Christmas cheer to Skid Row in a unique and uplifting way.

Help for Needy Families Can Be Easy With Fred Jordan Missions
With the blessing of God and the help and support or hundreds of volunteers and donors, events like these are special times to reach out to the community of Skid Row, Los Angeles, and beyond. Fred Jordan Missions has been involved in seeing miracles take place in people's lives. Furthermore, FJM does everything with the love and care of Christ for the forgotten needy families and people that society has cast aside. As long as there are men, women and children living on the street, victims of violence, substance abuse and despair, our work goes on.

Reach out and touch those who need you most. We thank you for considering a donation this year to help needy families through Fred Jordan Missions. Your support allows us to feed and cloth the hungry, to provide them with hope for today, and to have the opportunity to share the love of Christ with them in practical and loving ways. Thanks for touching a life.

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