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When you volunteer your valuable time and talent to help reduce the pain of mothers and children in need, you will also be blessed. Your only requirement for service is a loving, compassionate heart for people in need.

Volunteers are needed throughout the year to serve in our ongoing programs, such as Emergency Services, Women's Ministries, and the Jordan Youth Academy. 

There is also a great need for volunteers during our annual holiday events.  Holidays are always a time of celebration for impoverished families at the Fred Jordan Mission. These exciting holiday events for families offer help, hope and healing to thousands of deserving poor in our community – and help the needy mothers and children know that in spite of their poverty, people really do care about them.

Volunteer to help Fred Jordan Mission serve the poor at our…

Mother's Makeover Event (Need Licensed Hair Stylists and Manicurists)
• Back 2 School (Corporate Volunteers)

• Thanksgiving
• Harley Toy Ride
• Christmas Celebration (Church Groups and Corporate Volunteers)

Discover the joy of volunteering at the Fred Jordan Mission. Please call us at (626) 915-1981 or fill out the form below and indicate how you would like to help.

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  It is understood and agreed upon by the Fred Jordan Mission and the undersigned that the relationship being entered into is one volunteerism and not employment; that both parties agree there will be no payment or fringe benefits which may be enjoyed by regular employees; and that either party may terminate the volunteer services at any time, without cause and without prior notice.

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