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When Fred Jordan founded the Mission in 1944, Skid Row was a man’s world - - alcoholics, ex-convicts, the elderly, the mentally ill - - and all were homeless.

A New Skid Row Emerges

Today, however, Skid Row has taken on a terrible, new dimension.

Increasingly, it is now mothers with children who struggle for survival on the streets of our inner city.

They are lonely and alone...sick and impoverished. Many suffer the indignities of abuse and abandonment. Worse yet, their numbers increase daily – as does their pain.

That's why today's Fred Jordan Mission focuses much of its resources, time and energy on the desperate needs of women and children.

The Mission provides daily ministries to help women find God’s principles and values for their lives through Biblical teaching. They are taught practical living skills, how to care for their families and also how to become self-sufficient.

Women’s Programs

English and Spanish-speaking women

• Bible study groups

• Boxes of Hope provide emergency groceries weekly.
• Hot Meals in the Mission’s dining room provide nourishing food.
• Clothing, hygiene items and other daily necessities. 
• Crisis Intervention counseling whenever needed.

Our Lord teaches us to "help the stranger," and to offer an outstretched hand to our neighbors, regardless of faith or background, during their times of need.

Donate now to help us care for needy children and their families - - from America’s Skid Rows to Africa’s slums.

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