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CHURCH IN THE HOME television first aired on Sunday, November 4, 1951, with Fred and Willie Jordan as hosts. This weekly program has become the longest-running TV broadcast, never missing a Sunday on the air.

Since TV is a visual medium, the weekly broadcast shared movies and videos of the needs of hungry, homeless people not only here on Skid Row, but around the world. The weekly program gradually became the television voice of Fred Jordan Missions - - FJM in Action.

Generous viewers donated funds to build orphanages and schools in post-war Japan and Taiwan; an orphanage, a hospital and a school in war torn Korea; eight refugee schools in Hong Kong; schools and children’s homes in Liberia and Ghana, West Africa, and missions in Mexico – in addition to feeding and caring for millions of impoverished Americans through all the years. 

TAKE TWO radio is Willie Jordan’s daily motivational program. Check your local listings for an inspirational word from Willie.

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