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Do we really take time to Pray?

“The great people of the earth today are the people who pray, not those who talk about prayer, but those who take time and pray,” said S.D.Gordon.

Do we really take time to pray, or do we simply talk about it?

When I see the great human need here on Skid Row, I am often driven to my knees in prayer. Time and time again I’ve seen situations so desperate, so hopeless, so overwhelming from earth’s point of view that no amount of man’s help could have turned the tide.

But it has been at those times that I’ve seen the power of prayer to move God’s hand, and unlock the infinite resources of heaven so that we can continue to share God’s love and meet basic human needs!

In my own personal life I’ve seen that in the times of my deepest need, God’s awesome power is unleashed through prayer.

So powerful, so penetrating, so pervasive is the power of prayer that the great poet Tennyson once said, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world ever dreams of.”

When words alone are inadequate to carry the weight of the anguish I feel, my prayers to God become more groans than words. And that’s when I understand what the great preacher, Charles Spurgeon, meant when he said: “Groanings which cannot be uttered are often prayers which cannot be refused.”

Please pray with us for an outpouring of God’s Spirit on all the shattered lives on these streets - - and a transformation so radical and so powerful that His Name will be glorified.

YOU can help share God’s good news here in the inner city. You may charge your donation to a major credit card when you go to, or by calling us at 1-844-FJM-FOOD. You can also mail donations to us at PO Box 12345, Covina, CA, 91722.

Willie Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)

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