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The Fields are White, It's Harvest Time!

Alila stood on the beach holding her tiny infant son close to her heart, tears streaming down her cheeks as she walked out into the water until she was waist deep. She paused for a moment, and then in one quick movement, she threw her six month old baby to his watery death.

A missionary, M.V. Varghes walked up to Alila that day kneeling in the sand crying uncontrollably and beating her breast. With compassion he knelt down next to her and asked her what was wrong. Through her sobs she told him, "The problems in my home are too many and my sins are heavy on my heart, so I offered the best I have to the goddess Ganges, my first born son."

Varghes's heart ached for this desperate mother. As she wept he gently told her that through Jesus, her sins could be forgiven. Startled, she said, "I have never heard that before. Why couldn't you have come thirty minutes earlier, and my child would not have had to die."

Each year millions of people come to bathe in the River Ganges, believing this pagan ritual will wash their sins away. For many people like Alila, missionaries are arriving too late, simply because there aren't enough of faithful servants of Jesus to tell them.

The needs of the world are staggering, whether here in our world of Skid Row, or half way around the world in India, Africa, in Latin America or in the Middle East. The Scriptures give us a compelling call to have a burning heart for those who have never heard that Jesus died to save sinners. This call, straight from God’s heart, is an unavoidable call. God’s heart is consumed with a passion for the redemption of all mankind. Friend, you and I have a responsibility to carry out this call.

Jesus said “the fields are white. It’s harvest time!” This is just as true here on the streets of Skid Row as it is along the banks of the Ganges River. Will you help us share God’s love while there is still time?

Please help us reach out to the poor every day here at the Mission. is our secure website for your donation or phone toll free, 1-844-FJM-FOOD. You can also mail a donation to us at P.O. Box 12345, Covina, CA, 91710.

Willie Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)

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