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Ruby (Part 2)

Ruby and I talked as we stood on a Skid Row corner. I asked Ruby if she had ever held a job, and through the tears, her face lit up.  "Yes, ma’am," she answered, "I was a secretary.  I worked at Universal Studios, at the Hall of Administration. I had good jobs.  I love to work, but you can't get a job without an address." 
Have you ever thought about it - - "You can't get a job without an address." Ruby is homeless because of her crack cocaine addiction, and she talked wistfully about her life before crack.  "I don't have proper clothes, and I feel so bad all the time, and I'm scared down here on Skid Row.  My kids don't want to see me like this.  I don't want to go around my kids looking like this.  I don't want my mother to see me looking like this. I'm so ashamed.  I'm so ashamed," she sobbed.
I held Ruby in my arms as she cried. I assured her that God is not ashamed of her, even if family is. She told me how she used to watch my late husband, Fred, on television every Sunday, when she had a home, and a TV - - never dreaming that one day she would end up down on Skid Row.  But when trials and difficulties hit her life, she didn't have an anchor to cling to, and her life was wrecked just as surely as a child's tiny paper boat is wrecked in the ocean waves. 
But how grateful I am that I could tell Ruby that just as surely as God promised to rebuild a firm foundation for his tempest-tossed, afflicted people, He would also deliver her. God’s Word is a message of love and forgiveness and hope for Ruby, and for all of my dear friends here on the streets.
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Willie Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan) 

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