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How do you want to be Remembered?

Television personality, Barbara Walters interviews some of the world’s most famous celebrities, sports stars and political leaders, and she invariable asks this question, “How do you want to be remembered?”

How would you answer Barbara Walters’ question? Some years ago a friend said to my late husband, Fred Jordan, “You have fed and helped so many millions of people, and I’m sure that when you meet the Lord He will say, ‘Well done.’ Fred immediately answered, “I don’t want to stand before the Lord and say to Him, “I’ve fed millions of people. I’ve saved the lives of thousands of orphans throughout Africa and Asia. That’s not the way I want to be remembered, because the only thing that will be important when we stand before God is simply this – “What did you do with my Son, Jesus?”

The longer I live, the more I agree with Fred’s answer. Oh, I’ve had the most spectacular life in the world! I had the joy of ministering to the poor here on Skid Row for more than 60 years. I worked side-by-side with Fred in sending hundreds of missionaries, and building schools, orphanages, hospitals, missions and churches around the world. But what is really important in my life?

Friend, life is not simply about how much money we earn, what we accomplish, or even the good we do that is memorable or noteworthy. When we come to the end of this life, the only thing that will matter is this: what did we do with God’s Son, Jesus? And what did we do to share Jesus with those who are lost without Him?

I need your help today here on Skid Row, as we share God’s amazing gift of salvation, and feed people who are hungry.

Please give online at, or mail your gift to the Mission, PO Box 12345, Covina 91722. You can also donate by phone at 1-844-FJM-FOOD.

Willie Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)

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