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Albert Schweitzer and His Dilapidated Piano

Albert Schweitzer was a respected writer, an accomplished organist, and an authority on the life and work of Johann Sebastian Bach. When he felt God’s call to go to the remote jungles of French Equatorial Africa, Schweitzer studied to become a medical doctor so he could care for the poor and sick in Africa.

Norman Cousins visited Schweitzer’s jungle hospital, where each evening after dinner the great doctor would announce a hymn, and then sit down at the old upright piano to play. The piano was at least fifty years old, with a badly stained keyboard, and a dozen missing strings. Jungle heat and moisture made its tuning impossible. When this great interpreter of Bach's organ music sat down to play this dilapidated old instrument, the piano seemed to lose its poverty in Schweitzer's hands, and its capacity to yield music was fully realized.

Friend, that’s what Jesus does. He takes our broken, dilapidated human instrument, and brings out the best in us. He heals our broken lives and restores our relationship with God. Please help me share this truth on the streets of America’s inner cities. Call 1-866-FJM-FOOD, donate online at, or you can mail your donation to P.O. Box 12345, Covina, CA, 91722.

God used Albert Schweitzer to take His love and His Word deep into Africa’s jungles, and He wants to use you. Please join our team of compassionate caregivers to touch hurting souls here on these streets this Christmas season. Jesus is here today, continuing to forgive and save the lost; transform lives; heal the hurting; restore families; shelter the homeless, and feed the hungry. Please, it’s almost Christmas.

Willie Jordan (Mrs. Fred Jordan)

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