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:: New Clothes, News Shoes, New Hope ::

Imagine for one, painful moment, that you’re a child on Skid Row. Summer’s coming to a close, and you have to think about going back to school.

You look forward to school, mostly because you can’t wait to get away from the filth and ugliness and the dangers on the streets. But you also hate the idea of showing up for the first day. The stares from other kids. The laughs. Or even worse, they ignore you.

Fear and embarrassment are powerful influences on the way children think, feel and act, and they can have devastating consequences.

Yet that’s precisely what happens to so many kids who live in extreme poverty here in our city. Officials say that students at the poorest schools wear little more than rags or unwashed clothes because mom ran out of quarters at the Laundromat. And we see the magnitude of this problem at Fred Jordan Mission’s Annual Back to School New Clothing Giveaway here on Skid Row.

Children deserve a chance to succeed in school, and in life, without feeling tarnished and labeled just because they can’t afford new clothing.

Together, we’ll bring New Clothes, New Shoes and lots of New Hope to kids here on Skid Row.

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