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:: On Skid Row ::

Feed the Hungry

Skid Row is not a pretty place.

It's filthy. Sad. Dangerous. Heartbreaking. Depressing and destructive. It is an area of the city dominated by flop houses, welfare hotels, drug dealing and crime.

That's why the Fred Jordan Mission is in the heart of Skid Row: to give a spark of hope to those who have lost their way.

A piece of cardboard for a bed in an alley. Only the torn rags on their backs for warmth. The uncertainty of a life in shambles. The anguish of having no work…nor any hope of finding a job. The remorse of wasted years. That's what life is like for thousands on the streets of Skid Row and the inner city.

In the midst of this suffering and despair, the Fred Jordan Mission is dedicated to… 

  • Feeding the hungry.
  • Healing the hurting.
  • Serving the homeless.
  • Loving the unloved.

The Fred Jordan Mission helps the poor 365 days a year through the generosity of caring friends like you.

Fred Jordan Missions
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