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  Thanksgiving Donations to Help Feed the Homeless
Thanksgiving is a time to be with family, to remember the year that has past and be thankful for what you have been given. Thanksgiving is also a time to remember those less fortunate, the needy, the forgotten, the homeless. Many people desire to help those less fortunate, but what organizations are available that not only have programs that will feed the homeless and hungry on Thanksgiving, but will also share the love of Christ with those whom they serve.

Since 1944, Fred Jordan Missions in Los Angeles have been accepting Thanksgiving donations to help feed the homeless and hungry on Skid Row and throughout Los Angeles, California. In fact, the majority of people living on Skid Row today are homeless women and children, abandoned and forgotten by society.

Thanksgiving Donations Help Fred Jordan Missions Fulfill Their Mission
No one is forgotten. That is the mission of Fred Jordan Missions. The poor and the needy, who struggle to survive, lack decent food, clean clothes, and hope. What they often need most is human contact, a caring touch that says, "You're not alone. I'm here. I'll help." Fred Jordan Missions has brought God's love to the hungry and impoverished throughout Los Angeles, across the nation, and to the inner-cities and remote jungles around the world for decades.

Today, Fred Jordan Missions is known for compassion toward those who have lost their way. With the assistance of Thanksgiving donations and volunteers, we are able to provide meals for those living on the streets in Los Angeles on a day when they need a friend the most.

Facts About the Annual Thanksgiving Day Banquet
Our team of staff and hundreds of volunteers including some celebrities serve a sit-down homemade Thanksgiving turkey dinner to thousands of underprivileged men, women and children.

Volunteers prepare and serve 3,000 pounds of turkey, 70 gallons of gravy, 485 pounds of green beans, 600 pounds of candied yams, 450 pumpkin pies and 20 gallons of fruit punch for this extraordinary feast! In the past, we have been able to provide free blankets and free food bags stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, beans and roast beef to each guest.

Seven Ways to Change a Future with Fred Jordan Missions
We cannot provide meals to the homeless people of Skid Row and all of Los Angeles without the Thanksgiving donations you provide. Below are seven ways you can help Fred Jordan Missions provide these meals and hope.
  1. Make a Donation - Your financial support goes directly toward helping the needy men, women, and children of Los Angeles's Skid Row and beyond.
  2. Say a Prayer - Ask God to lend His poorest children courage and faith. Pray for the volunteers and staff of Fred Jordan Missions as we seek to provide hope and to share Christ with those living on the streets.
  3. Volunteer - Share a little of your time and reach out to the homeless this Thanksgiving. Your donation of time and your attention is priceless for those who don't get to interact with people who care.
  4. Donate Food - Especially at Thanksgiving, healthy food is one of our most constant needs.
  5. Donate Clothing - From shoes to underwear, nothing lifts up an impoverished person like clean clothing.
  6. Tell a Friend - Spread the word about Fred Jordan Missions and the unique work we do to serve and provide hope for the needy and homeless.
  7. Involve Your Business or Group - Get your company or social organization involved in supporting one of our projects. We have several programs throughout the year which include: Thanksgiving Day, Harley Davidson Toy Run, Christmas Celebration, Easter's "Festival of Life", Mother's Make-Overs, and Mother's Day.
Provide Love with your Thanksgiving Donations
Blessed by God with a compassionate team, volunteers and donors of such passion, Fred Jordan Missions has worked miracles. But as long as there are men, women and children living on the street, victims of violence, substance abuse and despair, our work goes on. Reach out and touch those who need you most. We thank you for considering a Thanksgiving donation this year to help provide a meal and hope to all of these. Thanks for touching a life.

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