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:: Donate New Clothing ::

CLOTHING IS DESPERATELY NEEDED FOR THE POOR AND NEEDY. Every day Fred Jordan Mission provides clothing and shoes to mothers and children in the inner city. If this need touches your heart, please let us know immediately.

We need clothing and shoes of all sizes to give to those who have little of this world’s goods.
• Thousands of children go to school in rags, a humbling consequence of poverty.
• “I want to do something good for myself,” said Alvaro, a middle school student. “I try to study, but I don’t fit in. They make fun of my clothes.
• Some children go to school in pajamas. Two brothers alternate days in class because they only have one pair of good pants between them.
• Your help with a “clothing drive” will help brighten many faces and lift the spirits of mothers and children.


Consider organizing a clothing drive at your church or temple to collect new clothing for needy families who each day come to Fred Jordan Mission for assistance.


If you have a business—or if you know of a business that wants to be involved in helping to provide clothing for the poor— please contact us immediately. We desperately need large amounts of shoes and clothing at every season of the year.

Tell us that your business is eager to help provide clothing for needy families in our community throughout the year. Please call us at (800) 96-4-FOOD. Or click here and say YES, I/we want families in poverty to have clothing that lifts their spirits and encourages their hearts.

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